Continental Financial Company is the financial institution that issues the Verve credit cards. It is one of the leading credit card merchants and service providers in the United States for customers with less than perfect credit. The CFC would be more interested in bringing the banking culture back into social activities. Founded in 2005, CFC prides itself on its corporate responsibility to its customers, offering three key attributes: a strong customer service program, fair dealing, and responsible lending.Verve-Credit-Card

In partnership with Discover, Continental Finance offered two credit cards, the Matrix card and the Cerulean card. However, the company is now a MasterCard partner and only advertises the Verve card on its homepage. Continental Finance’s website still includes a login page for Matrix and Cerulean users, but it’s unclear whether the company still issues copies of these cards.

The Verve Credit Card comes from Continental Finance, which specializes in credit cards for consumers with less-than-perfect credit. His website has an impressive customer base of over 3 million. Verve offers a card for business people and consumers. Verve credit card holders can easily manage their balance online from home. Cardholders have access to a fabulous online account from which they can make instant payments of outstanding balances and view their statement history.Verve-Credit-Card-Continental-Finance

With over 2.6 million credit cards processed since its inception, CFC prides itself on excellent customer service and access to innovative product features. They specialize in giving consumers access to credit products and services primarily ignored by traditional credit card issuers. Whether you have fair credit, bad credit, or limited credit, they can give you access to a product that’s right for you.

Verve Credit Card Login is a website created by the Continental Financial Institution. It is convenient and acceptable for users to use the card for banking transactions. You can use the card for stress-free financial transactions.

Continental Finance, a leading US credit card merchant and service provider for consumers with less than perfect credit, is proud to have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They also support the “GO GREEN” initiative, which allows customers to receive their monthly statements and other notifications electronically via the web and email.