Features And Fees

The Verve MasterCard has become a staple in the banking industry and can accept credit cards anywhere a MasterCard works. The initial line of credit with the credit card is $300 to $1,000, and you can use it for shopping, dining, and even travel. With your Verve credit card, you can improve your credit score quickly. If you paid your bills on time within the first six months, you can raise your credit score and apply for a raise.Verve-Credit-Card

Verve Credit Card Login is a website created by a continental financial institution. Owning the card brings the user an enjoyable and convenient way of banking transactions. You can use the card to carry out stress-free financial transactions. The Verve credit card presents its features along with the fees paid.

Features And Fees Charged At Verve Cards

Features Of Verve Cards

  • Double Your Credit Limit

Raising your credit limit is a milestone if you’re trying to build your credit. With Verve Credit Card, your initial credit limit will double. Just make your first semiannual minimum payments on time.

  • Free Monthly Credit Score

When activating a Verve Mastercard, you need to create an account. One of the critical features of this account is that you get a free monthly credit assessment when you sign up for eStatements. Every month you can check your score. Whether you’re building or repairing credit, you can see how actions like making your monthly payments on time impact your credit score each month.

Fees Charged At Verve Cards

  • Initial Verve Credit Card Fee: $0
  • Verve Mastercard Annual Fee: $59.95 (waived with e-statements)
  • Late Payment Fees: They are up to 27% of the balance or a minimum fee of $27, whichever is greater. Continental Verve may charge a late payment fee and notify you by email before it applies to your account if your account is in default. If a statement is received 30 days after the due date, a late fee of $38 will apply.
  • Over-Limit Fee: You will incur a 29.4% APR.a 29.4% APR for the excess over your credit limit plus interest.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: Floats up to 3%
  • Returned Payment Fee: Varies (typically 12% of face value)